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Creatively Thriving, LLC & Rise, Expressive Art Therapy provide culturally-informed, evidence-based, healing centered psychotherapy

for individuals (age 5+) and relationships (2+ humans, including families) living in Iowa and/or Colorado.

We offer telehealth/virtual and in-person services, based on provider availability.

We recognize that each of us carries a unique lived truth.

The work that we do is based on the principles of intersectionality, post-traumatic growth, & the collective need for system change in the United States.

Mental wellness & recovery require acknowledgement, adaptation, & advocacy.

We support the Asian & Pacific Islander, Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, and Latinx communities. 

We are allies of the LGBTQ+ community, and believe that the person who knows someone best is that person.

We recognize the importance of accessible and inclusive therapy services for all,

including those with disabilities, neurodivergent traits, and/or values that may differ from our own.

We acknowledge those who seek to challenge & change the systems contributing to the oppression of others.

As providers, we remain committed to doing our own work so that we can better address the biases present in our work.

Part of this includes the advocacy of those who have been impacted by the decisions of others.

While there are significant inequalities within the mental health system, hope and change are possible.

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