Creatively Thriving, LLC provides culturally-informed, evidence-based, healing centered psychotherapy

for individuals (age 5+) and relationships (2+ humans, including families) living in Iowa and/or Colorado.

We offer telehealth/virtual and in-person services, based on provider availability. 

We serve all who seek to heal from the wounds of injustice in our broken world, and honor each for their stories and lived truths. We stand in support of the Asian & Pacific Islander, Black, Indigenous and First Nations, Hispanic and Latinx, and LGBTQ+ communities. We acknowledge those who continue to advocate for change through their roles as First Responders and Medical Providers in an oppressive system that minimizes the adversities experienced by many. 

Furthermore, we collectively acknowledge that the United States are the traditional, ancestral, and unceded lands of the Indigenous Peoples of the United States, who have stewarded these lands throughout the generations. 


 We seek to do better in the ways that we provide support while acknowledging and addressing our own biases in how we show up.


While there are significant inequalities within the mental health system, hope and change are possible.

Please email to be added to our waitlist.

All services are provided at an out-of-pocket cost, with limited pro-bono services available

through our team of Masters level clinicians completing their internships.